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demul 056 crashes after five minutes with Windows xp


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Hello everyone

I noticed that with the Windows xp operating system the 056 demul crashes after about five minutes without leaving the screen play of any game;

could be a ram problem????? Windows xp detects only 3.25 gb of ram.

I state that I have a very powerful computer and all the games work perfectly with demul 056.


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Why still on XP? The emulation scene has moved on to DirectX 11 and soon 12, WinXP doesn't support those.


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I still use XP because many emulators running perfectly and I will not change with Windows 7;
demul to use the old version 056 because under Windows XP is the best;
however, since the problem of blocking demul 056 after five minutes of any game is just wanted to know if it was a solvable problem, and it all depends on windows xp;
the same version of demul tested with Windows 7 does not lock;
You could go the versuione windows xp 64bit ?????
or you can 'solve by changing some parameters in the file demul.ini ?????


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DirectX 9 is too hard for them, and they are thinking noone still use xp in 2015.
Try another emul, others works on XP.