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Demul 0.7 Input mapping problem


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Hi guys. Need your help. Sorry for my english though..
Never had any problems with Demul on Win 7, but I recently bought a new PC with Win10... and downloaded the newest version of Demul 111117.
So the problem is that Demul just does not recognize ANY input for mapping.. I tried keyboard, x360wired, xone bluetooth, logitech pad.. I can use only default mapping settings, which are not acceptable for me.
I tried literally every compatibility settings, from win95 (lol) to win 8 (as administrator of course). Same with Demul 0.57. All drivers are up to date.
Programs like Joy2Key or AntiMicro are not the option here.
This drives me crazy. Tried to google it whole day, but didn't find any problem like this. Idk if my PC is cursed or something :help: