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DC emu? when


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ok it has been like at least like 4 years since DC came out but no emu. well there r some but they cant do much but play demos and homemade games. already there is a ps2 emu, xbox, and even a Gamecube(not sure how thats gonna work) and already the xbox emu's show signs of being able to play games and it hasnt been out near as long as DreamCast. rite now we have some dude who claims his program "Icarus" can play games but all he has to show is pic's that maybe r not real, and when he releases it its probibly not gonna work and i think that dude should releases it so we can help him with finding bugs, he cant do it all by himself. i know i need to chill and just wait a few more years but i think maybe it will never come out. we all know its pretty much possible to emu a dc game but i guess the question we all r asking ourselfs is when?


icarus is definatly real, i have no idea when he will release it though, hes probably working on the speed optimisations


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Whilst I share your impatience with Icarus it is the authors disgression as to when he wants to release it!!! And Cyrus is probably right! What would the point be in releasing it when games run at 10fps. You points about testing Icarus are valid but it is all up to Cyrus as to what he wants to do!!


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and if you REALLY can't wait, a dreamcast costs like 30 dollars now, if you can't afford that, well, just wait patiently.


You might wanna sign up for the boob.co.uk forums, they have an Icarus section, I posted a link in the thread Icarus Screenies? that has about 35-40 screenshots of Icarus in action!

Heres a link to the FTP site with the screenshots: http://www.dtek.chalmers.se/~tronic/icarus/

For an added bonus, a movie of icarus in action, playing crazy taxi: http://geocities.com/nezgra/crazytaxi.avi I'm not sure if it still works, I'm glad I saved it to my drive.

P.S. If I were you I would get a jump on saving the pics to your drive, I did!
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Yes i have seem the pic's and stuff and i already have a deamcast but there r some games that i cant just go out to gamestop and buy like shenmue 2 (and yes it did come out 4 dreamcast in english but its a import) and i dont want to shell out 350 bucks just to play it on xbox, i understand that he has a life other then working on this emu, but it has been a few years, i think ill try telling him to show us wut he has and well then ppl can help him out with it. well anyway last night when i posted that it was like 4 in the morring and i was bored and i dont sleep at night, and well i guess i can wait a little longer but i hope we see something hopefully before early next year


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Cyrus has teamed up with ector and they seem to be a good team, where both are very talented, and both study at uni so it's not a longshot to think that exams comes first. DC should be very complex so I doubt there's anything important we could help with at this point and they probaly have all the testers they need for now.

When they feel it's ready for a realease and more importantly when they feel they want to realease it I'm confident they will.


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Everythings relative and it's not like they give out info at demand over at SEGA hq, so even if it's a straigtforward system there's probaly a massive amount of info that's not accounted for anywhere on the net...


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I'd think there'd be enough public info on SH-4... and the PowerVR architecture is very well documented, especially PVR2DC. Dunno about DC's sound chip.

The buses between the chips aren't too well detailed, though, and I've never seen any real documentation on how the GD-ROM works... but that shouldn't be too hard to find out, since it's all in DC's rippable firmware.
the dreamcast is more complicated than u might think. i know cyrus had to reverse engineer *alot* of stuff to do with the pvr and other parts himself. ps2's devkit has lots of docs and is not that complicated either. gamecube i dont know anything about, and well xbox emulation s not even really emulation from what i have seen. newer console have a much cleaner design in general (apart from the n64 which was quite difficult to emulate properly)


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xbox emu is, for the most part, just writing wrappers for the XDKs. Or at a lower level, writing wrappers for the interfaces that the XDKs use. Point is that the hardware in the xbox is the same as the hardware in a lowend PC with a highend gfx card. little or no hardware emu needed.


Whoa, a DC emu. Gees, what are you gonna need for specs to run that? Are mine good enough?


if its the present icarus without optimisations, no, sorry. even with optimisations, we are talking around a 3ghz system to get near to 60fps