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Just to list some known issues with games that I've become aware of

- Fester's Quest does not work 100%, it crashes at a certain point in the game, it's been like this since I can remember working on Jnes, people have also told me numerous other emulators have problems, implying a bad dump perhaps

- Castlevania 3, after you beat a boss there is a 50/50 chance the screen will "flash" the other name table, nothing fatal, just noting it here, it's still 100% playable ( I personally found this )

- Rad Racer, there is some minor glitches here and there, it's fully playable tho

- Rad Racer 2, can't remember

- Cobra Triangle, I swear this use to work :sleepy:

- Jordan Vs Bird, this is weird, but loads properly in the latest builds (aka fixed)


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every timei open jnes.. it says unsupported color depth 24bpp ... and closes... im on a laptop.. how do i fix this so i can use it?


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Hmm... I guess Jnes can't handle 24-bit colour. No biggie. Most new PCs use 32-bit colour (most video cards transfer 32-bit data better than 24 bit data).

Right click on your desktop, go to the settings tab, and select either 16-bit colour (High Colour) or 32-bit colour (it'll be below 24-bit colour if it's there, and yes, I have seen PC with both). Jnes will probably work best and faster in 16-bit colour. You might even save a bit on battery power...

Now, if you'll excuse me, Digimon Tamers is starting. What a finale...