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CrabEmu 0.1.9 released


BlueCrab has released an update of his MasterSystem/GameGear emulator for Dreamcast, Mac OS X and Linux.

What's new:
  • Added Linux/Qt "port" of CrabEmu.
  • Fix a lot of cycle counting issues in CrabZ80.
  • Added support for the SMS VDP's H-Counter.
  • Added support for utilizing a BIOS ROM with SMS and Game Gear emulation (also, added a BIOS replacement).
  • Allow an arbitrarily sized view on the Mac OS X version.
  • Added fullscreen mode on Mac OS X.
  • Added a screenshot function.
  • Fixed saving of many different preferences on the Mac OS X version.
  • Added support for Joysticks/Game Pads on the Mac OS X version.
  • Added support for the IO Control and Memory Control registers on the SMS.

Download CrabEmu here.


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Because the emulator is for the Dreamcast. The post says so.
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Uhm... silly me.
Should go to bed at 0.30 am instead of posting silly crap. -.-
It's great to see, that the DC still get some emulator ports.
Back in the times I used my Dreamcast a lot for emulation, but now I also have a XBox and a Wii for emulation.
Sorry again, Maturion.