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CrabEmu 0.1.8 released


BlueCrab posted about a new release of his MasterSystem emulator for Dreamcast and Mac.

It is the middle of the month of November, nothing is going on, so it seems like the perfect time for a new release of CrabEmu. CrabEmu 0.1.8 has many under-the-hood changes and bugfixes. Here's a look at some of the larger ones:

  • Added preliminary support for the Terebi Oekaki drawing board (Mac OS X only, at the moment).
  • Changed the VDP cache updating function to use a lookup table and other VDP emulation speedups.
  • Practically rewrote the entirety of CrabZ80 to create a much smaller code footprint.
  • Added a much nicer image to the controller preferences dialog on Mac OS X.
  • Fixed color banding issues on the Dreamcast GUI.
  • Added a 50/60 Hz selector to the Dreamcast port when a European Dreamcast is detected.
  • Enabled stereo sound in the Dreamcast port.
  • Fixed an annoying save bug in the Dreamcast port.

Oh yeah, the Dreamcast port finally runs full-speed (at least as much as I've tested it).

Enjoy the release, and be sure to report any issues that you may find. Download it here.

Source: dcemulation.org