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CPU and Keyboard problems on a 2nd PC...


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I have a little PC setup as my secondary PC in my room, Altho right now, I'm having some issues with it.

First of all, Each time I try to start it after being turned off from a short to a long period of time, it won't boot using the default CPU speed (1.4GHz) . I will need to restart it and it will boot me in the bios , underclocking it at 1050MHz (100Mhz FSB). If I do Quit and Ignore Changes, it will boot up at 1.4Ghz, get in windows and run for hours without problems.

Second, if I try to boot using a Windows 98 Boot Disk, I will be able to select an option and continue but the keyboard will stop working after. I tested using the PartionMagic disks but it boots fine with keyboard and mouse.

PC specs:
ASUS A7M266-D (Dual Socket A) , AMD 760MPX Chipset
-1x AMD Athlon K7 1400 (133MHz x 10.5) - Running in Single CPU mode
-1x 512MB DDR266
-3dfx Voodoo 5 5500 PCI 64MB
-Asus 4x USB 2.0 ports (PCI card)
-some Creative PCI audio card
-3Com/broadcom Gigabit PCI 64bits network card
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Alright, from what one of my teachers said, his K7 1400 had the same problem... so that is solved...

And I read on the ASUS website that keyboard lock up is due to the IDE LED misprinted on the mobo (it's the keyboard lock instead)....

going to check that later at home...


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if your 2nd PC boot in BIOS everytime, try change a bios battery (CR2032). Most old PCs have this problem.