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Controling NIGHTS


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I have begun to run NIGHTS INTO DREAMS from the original CD using Giri Giri. While in gameplay, when pressing the assigned directional keys, the characters often spin out of control. When controling NIGHTS himself, flying is difficult and instead of going in the desired direction, he instead begins cartwheeling and other actrobatic actions.
I know that the L and R buttons are meant to contol these actions but they are not assigned to the same keys as the directional buttons.
Is there a known trigger for this behaviour? Is there a known treatment? If so please help me. It grows frustrating as the levels grow complex.
Thank you.


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Don't worry, I have resolved the problem.
For those with similar problems, you can't have the D buttons set to the directonal keys on your keyboard when using Giri Giri. Try using the W,A,S,D setup.