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confusing laptops...part 2...


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OK, sorry for doing this twice, but i'm going to make it very clear this time.

What's the fastest processor currently offered for notebooks? Is it the Pentium M 1.7ghz, or the Mobile Pentium 4 (Non-M) 3.06ghz w/ hyperthreading. I know this may seem like a stupid question at face value, but it's not. According to the benchmarks i've just seen, the Pentium 4 1.6ghz is faster, in some (most) applications, than a high-2ghz P4 desktop processor. And BTW, battery life is the last thing I care about. I'm looking for power, a desktop replacement for home use only except in very rare circumstances.

The second and final question - should I get the new 128MB Geforce FX Go5650 (offered only with the P4 mentioned above at Dell,) or the 64MB DDR Geforce FX Go5200 (offered only with the Pentium M mentioned above at Dell,) or should I wait for the Mobility Radeon 9600? AFAIK, no retail PC notebook is using it just yet. I'd prefer the Radeon, due to superior hardware, and superior AF & AA. I don't care about speed THAT much, they are all fast enough as far as I am concerned (correct me if i'm wrong - I want this to last a good 3 years minimum,) I care about image quality (& compatibility, which can be tweaked, which I enjoy doing so the crappy drivers aren't that much of an issue.)

Unfortunately I really don't want to spend more than 2k, so i'm dreaming...but that's another story :). Just looking for a simple answer to the above 2 questions, and any overall recommendations. Sorry for starting another topic, but I thought this would be easier for all. Thanks a ton in advance.

Oh, also, if anyone can recommend a better system than the 2 systems above i'm comparing at Dell (I really don't want to get the P4 system as it has no modular drive, practically no ports, and is heavier even if it's smaller. I would much prefer the decked out 8xxx line, which only has a much weaker P4 setup, which I am willing to beat the Pentium M blows out of the water overall, so i'm not really willing to go that route..)

ARGH, sorry, one final question. Guess it turned out to be 4. I still think it's much clearer though:
Is the "wide aspect" screen all that much better? What's the difference? Is the extra .4 inches worth it?...

OK, once again, sorry, and thanks a ton, you guys are great...this is a big purchase and I want to get the best for my money...

EDIT: Check out this system *drools*
hmm...seems I lost the link. However, this systems seems a better, and cheaper for that matter, check it out: http://www.alienware.com/Configurat...SysCode=PC-LT-AREA51-M&SubCode=SKU-ENTHUSIAST
The other link was for a 3.3k (subtotal) after custimization voodoopc laptop, which had a 16.4" (regular SXGA+, though,) screen, and the Radeon 9600 I wanted. It also seems awesome, but it's backordered at least 2 months, and I get a better feeling from alienware, and I can upgrade the GFX card later if I want with Alienware's laptops...they (both machines) have 800mhz FSBes, unlike the best systems from conventional manufacturers, which only give you 533mhz ones. And they have 7200rpm HD Drives, i'm not sure if Dell is using those, and that's important IMHO...
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Read this article

nephalim said:
What's the fastest processor currently offered for notebooks?

Technically, it is the Pentium 4-M with Hyperthreading at 3.06 GHz.

However, according to Intel's roadmap the Pentium 4-M will be discontinued in favor of the Pentium M. While the Pentium 4-M (a.k.a. Mobile Pentium 4) is based off of Intel's NetBurst architecture, the Pentium M seems to be a hybrid of the Pentium III and Pentium 4 architectures.

<a href="http://www.tomshardware.com/mobile/20030205/index.html">This article</a> [tomshardware.com] offers some pretty good information on all of this.

Again, I can't really make a recommendation on the graphics technology used - I've been out of that area for quite some time. But I can tell you that the Pentium 4-M with Hyperthreading at 3.06 GHz will last you for at least three years. Go with it and be happy.

By the way, just for comparison sake, here are the specs for my current notebook that I probably won't upgrade for another two or three years:

IBM ThinkPad i1400 2611-411
256 MB 66 MHz SDRAM
300 MHz Intel Pentium Processor with MMX Technology
10.0 GB 5,400 RPM Fujitsu hard disc drive
Built-in 24X CD-ROM drive and 1.44 MB 3.5" floppy diskette drive
NeoMagic 128ZX+ 32-bit graphics accelerator
12.1" TFT LCD

It runs Linux From Scratch 3.3 (with some security updates) in console mode. I only use it for coding on the go and checking e-mail from afar, so as long as it can run Vim and Mutt I'm happy.


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I heard that P4 based laptops suck their batteries within 20 minutes of use. If memory serves correctly, it was an Alienware Area 51.