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Concerning Jet Force Gemini


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Well i think i have an idea concerning the automation of the jet force gemini startup. I started to build a fronted to automate the start up

here is the code,

Private Sub Command1_Click()
Dim RetVal
RetVal = Shell("Project64.exe Jet_Force_Gemini_(U)_[f1].v64", 1) ' Load Jet force Gemini
Timer1.Enabled = True
If Timer1.Enabled = True Then
Do While Start < 900000
Start = 0.01 + Start
SendKeys "{F7}", True ' Load savestate
End If

note the only thing on the form is a controll button
now i know this is very sloppy coding ( i just want to get t to work first) but is there any way of getting the savestate to load _just after the rom is loaded?


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I don't want to bash your idea, the frontend concept, but wouldn't it be better if you modified the avalible source code. I do not think it is possible to know when the game is loaded outside of the emulator... And since loading times are different for everybody a test run would have to be run the first time, and I wouldn't expect the loading times to be constant...


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thanks for your reply,
i was going to modyfy the source but i know nothing about vc++

everything you said was right ie knowing when the rom was loaded but actually think i'll try to use the source if i cant get this to work