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2003-12-27 Release Candidate 1

We are looking at a possible New Year's Day release. If that information is leaked, it will not be released on New Year's.

The download is in 3 parts due to file size constraints on this messageboard. Run the exe file when you have them all. This archive includes all the dll dependency files that people need also.

Right now, it is a little strange to access the new help from the help menu, but this is because we are in the process of updating it. The menu will either need us to change every language file, or a clever idea that i have..
Anyway, to access the new help doc (which is a work-in-progress), go to Help->Offline Cheat Help. Of course, this will not be where you will find it in the final release.

This release is a complete package including a new ini from Duncan, a new Rice Daedalus plugin and new cheats from gent. Of course, these will be obsolete as new versions arrive.

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