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Complete game saves


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Hi, sorry, Do you can put a memcard.raw of wind waker whit a gamesaved inmediatly after of obtain the telescope?


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Not bad!
I wished I also could do this... but i cant!
Therefore, I wanted to ask whether you have savegame for Resident Evil 4 (PAL) ?
I can play that, indeed, on mine gamecube but without whole Extras like ada and somethink like that :( because the Pal version was under Cut!!!
It would be cool if somebody could help me!


Hi people, can someone PLEASE make a full save of shadow the hedgehog?
Just the full game, not A ranks or something.
PLS, i want to see the last story.I BEG YOU.


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Hello guys i wanted to ask for a save game of naruto 4 with all the chars unlocked because of what i saw it is huge and difficult to unlock all those chars when battling with 2-3 fps(i finished the story though :p)another problem is that i don't know what the menus are saying because it is in jap :D
So plz if anyone has one i would really really really appreciated it very very very much(i won't to play with Itachi sooooo much :D)
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If anyone has the ability to rip RE4 (usa) game saves plz rip the final save before the final boss. or even better yet a save after you kill the final boss. so i can capture the ending in re4.

also this isn't much but heres a sc2 save to add to the collection


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I would like to know if someone can make a Twilight princess save? I can't because i have Wii version . But i would like to know , like wind waker save work fine , twilight princess will work fine too. (I hope)


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Sorry to bump this thread up but does someone have a converted save for Resident Evil 1 and Zero.

I already tried converting a few from Gamefaqs using Cooliscools Memory card tool but they always are corrupt when I try to use them with Dolphin.


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Using Cooliscools memory card wont work except for Zelda Windwaker due to it misplace the data where it should write to.
I use winhex editor to overwrite the memcard with my poor two hands which is the pain in the ass.XD
well,i will make more games save when i have time.
Yacky I am back lolz...


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Its nice that you put the Windwaker full save out there, with all the items and all.
But its in the middle of the game.
I dont want to be ungreatful but i realy want to start from the beginning, not in the middle of someone elses game.
After one round is done and you start all over again, there i want to start the game.
Did i say it is Zelda Windwaker i mean...
Is it possible?

Thank you in adwance...


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X-Men Next Dimension save?

Does anybody have a complete savegame file for X-Men: Next Dimension (with all characters and costumes unlocked)? I can't seem to find one...
USA/NTSC version.
Thank you in advance!