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pAsSiVe said:
oh, you're just pissed becuase you posted a link to tranny porn in the channel by mistake:p

I can confirm this, i was in the channel when it happened, cpumaster claimed he didnt see the sausage..


evil *******
[23:47] <CpUMasteR> < URL Removed for, well, you don't want to see that... >
[23:47] <Aprentice> lets see... cpumaster posted a pic.. could it be safe? i think not :P
[23:47] <CpUMasteR> depends..
[23:48] <CpUMasteR> It ends with a surprise
[23:48] <Aprentice> i aint clickin :P
[23:48] <CpUMasteR> fine
[23:48] <CpUMasteR> I am not going to make you, you will eventually
[23:48] <CpUMasteR> The temptation will build
[23:48] <Aprentice> CpUMasteR: so you dating that waitress at your job? :P
[23:48] <Aprentice> CpUMasteR: i wont click, you dont know me very well do you :P
[23:49] <CpUMasteR> <Aprentice> CpUMasteR: so you dating that waitress at your job? :P <- wtf
[23:49] <Aprentice> the mexican one
[23:49] <Aprentice> :P
[23:49] <CpUMasteR> I don't even remember telling you that :P
[23:49] <CpUMasteR> omg stalker
[23:49] <Aprentice> lol
[23:50] <CpUMasteR> no
[23:50] <CpUMasteR> btw
[23:50] <CpUMasteR> She is a total whore
[23:50] <passive> CpUMasteR: lol, I have to wonder where you found those pics
[23:50] <CpUMasteR> #howardstern ;p
[23:50] <Aprentice> CpUMasteR: ah, too slutty for you? :P
[23:50] <CpUMasteR> not only that, she is manipulative
[23:50] <passive> Aprentice: that pic is just evidence that CpUMasteR looks at shemale porn
[23:50] <CpUMasteR> wtf, I didn't know
[23:50] <CpUMasteR> lol
[23:50] * CpUMasteR was kicked by whistler (flood)
[23:50] * CpUMasteR ([email protected]) has joined #emulation64
[23:50] <CpUMasteR> god damn it
[23:50] <CpUMasteR> :/
[23:51] <Aprentice> passive: lol, i figured
[23:51] <passive> probably his boyfriend