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Cloned drive not emulating - will not mount and launch my program.


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Hi everyone I am new here to the forums.I have a program on a drive, I cloned the drive. I am using this on one computer only. The original drive runs the program no problem. The second (cloned) drive says not authorized. The main drive emulates and creates a second drive letter say Z when I open the exe on the HD. The cloned drive will not open the program past the welcome loading screen and says not authorized, never loads the second drive letter and has a file called zs.exe running in the background under task manager.

I thought it was something with the drive, or maybe some files inside the HD. I was able to find a CDD file and I got into that and now I am have three .dat files as follows: _proj.dat (all program info), _fonts.dat, and _detect.dat.

The _proj.dat file has information on how to start the program, all of the errors that could occur, what the code will say including the one regarding the hard drive not being authorized. Is there a way to edit this file and my program works the same?

Is there a way to bypass the hard drive security and just auto run no matter which hard drive I run it from. If I start it with my external HDD, and then unplug and plug in my other one the program works once it is started, it is just getting it to start.

There are also lua51.dll and lua5.1.dll files included on the drive.

Could it be I need to edit my proj.dat file and the .dll files located next to the exe?