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DarthDazDC said:
thats really gud, but here's a suggestion, but im not sure if its possible, could there be like hovering traffic lights when yuor flying in the, thing...(i dont know wot the flyin thing is called :p) so it could be an air-way. Also the shots look gr8:D

It's known as the Manta, I do believe.
Nice mapping knuckles :)


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Well I do not want to be too negative but considering the time he is on that project now we are going to be in graves before it is ever released. The goldeneye project will be released way before this and anyways I doubt I will continu playing unreal tournament 2k4 at these times. (maybe ONLY to play the good mods like goldeneye) because there are far better games out there. (Half life 2 will be released soon and doom 3 is a good FPS i think)


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Well if at least you had a team as large as the golden eye team now it would be released faster but alone it is slow like hell and you have more important things to do too.


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Holy hell is this awesome. I had no idea maps from N64 games could be ported so easily.

Someone needs to tell the Unreal GoKart people about this. :happy:

Anyway, fantastic work on the Perfect Dark mod and your work in the Golden Eye mod.

Hmm, anyone else smell a new map pack? N64 Classics? :D


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"I had no idea maps from N64 games could be ported so easily."

Knuckles put a lot of effort into the maps I'd say, so it's not necessarily a drag-and-drop conversion.


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stuff like that can be easily done but the results aren't that great, I start all maps for scratch, using no other models them my eyes (most of the time). If it would have been that easy , I'm almost sure most maps would be already released and not only 3 of them.

The maps aren't a "dump" of the N64, it's more like a remake, even if it almost looks identical. Some of them took me time to try to recreate. Just like for the Area 52 where I just ran in a bug that I don't seem to be able to get ride of right now so far.

For those who are wondering, I've been working back on the GE facility to fix some bugs and to finish it for the mod beta release deadline. I will prolly update the PD Felicity at the same time as this bug it fixed (since I used the GE one to do the PD one, I have the same problems in both.

Don't worry, the Felicity will still be the next map to be released.