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Citra-Enhanced 1.3.0 released!


This fork is just Citra with tweaks/additions which should result in better performance than the original Citra

Feel free to download this build and test it, if you run into any bugs please open an issue on GitHub or contact me on the Discord / Telegram


  • Android & PC: Fix a syntax error that maybe caused crashes on OpenGL
  • Android: Update About links to Citra Enhanced ones
  • PC: Add scroll bar to System tab (rtiangha)
  • Run screenshot capture function in paused state by capturing next frame (RocketRobz)
  • network: Change verify_backend result if null, fixes minor network issues
  • glsl_fs_shader_gen: Use a better way to discard gas mode, may help a bit for low end devices
  • OpenGL: Re-implement weihuoya stream buffer hack and rollback some stream buffer stuff
  • Android: Implement Adreno GPU Boost (Experimental)
  • Android: properly fix non runtime runnable settings (Ishan09811)
  • Android: Remove unnecessary surface destroy when pausing emulation (Ishan09811), may fix issues
  • Android: Rework settings UI (Ishan09811)
  • PC: Implement advanced support for custom layout (blakbin) (OpenSauce04) (rtiangha)
  • Android: Add button dpad bindings (OpenSauce04)
  • Android: Gamepads can now control the in-game menu (OpenSauce04)
  • Android & PC: Remplement frameskip feature of old citra (rtiangha and me). WARNING: This feature is buggy for now, less games works fine with it.
  • GameSettings: Improve backend detection
  • Android & PC: Switch Raise CPU Ticks to General section
  • Android & PC: Add a desc for New 3DS mode
  • Android & PC: Update codebase to latest version, including pretendo fixes and more!
  • Minor code improvements and cleanups