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Chankast problem


New member
hey, im having trouble with chankast, every time i try any boot disc, it says that it is a music disc, and it wont let me configure my controls at all. Plus, no games, not even Seaman, works for it. which tool would fix that?


16-bit Corpse | Moderator
Either your disc image is not selfboot or the disc image is corrupt. What controller plugin are you using? When in doubt, use ElSemi's. Every other controller plugin has nothing on it.

Having said all that, why are you bothering with something as ancient and broken as Chankast? It has been updated in over seven years and there are far better alternatives like Demul or nullDC?

P.S. You didn't have to open up an existing thread from four years ago , just to ask a question like this. We have a New Topic button for cases like yours. I moved this conversation to a new thread.