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chankast locks up on sony vaio


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i get choppy dreamcast intro audio and the spiral is little black boxes. the spirals go away and i get this screen
. then
i get a flash of jumbled red lines, and then a black screen.

the computer i installed it on is a sony vaio vgn-nr110e it has an intel mobile family chipset graphics something. 2 gigs ram, pentium dual cpu 1.46 ghz x2(?)running vista (i dual boot with ubuntu, but know nothing about wine)

i have an older tower pc i havnt tried it on with a celeron 2.80 ghz and intel family chipset something rather, 1 gig ram. running xp.

please help me. i dont know if my graphics cards are compatible. im a computer moron. this has taken me about 12 hours to get this far.

p.s. rez is awesome

p.p.s. :nuke: worms armageddon rox


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As already indicated by the Dreamcast logo being corrupt, Intel's integrated chips are the worst you could possibly have, be it PC gaming or emulation (and is especially notable with Dreamcast emulators). Even if you managed to get the game to run, the graphics issues would be so bad that the game turns out to be unplayable. From what I've seen, no Dreamcast emulator works well with Intel's integrated chips, not even the far superior nullDC and Demul.

As for your "game not starting" problem, it maybe due to the Intel chip (although unlikely), Chankast's own inability to boot/emulate the game properly (very likely), a bad disc image, or all of those.