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Chankast emulater controls


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I have a problem opening the emulater configuration controls. Can anyone help me?
After a long time searching of a way to play sonic adventure 2 a found that I can't control the remote and when i try to open the configurations for this nothing happens :ermm:

the rest of the emulater and the games are running and working execept for the control
please help me
I really want to play SAD2 because a never had the chance to finish it (the game hasn't mine)

thanks in advance :D


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Use ElSemi's controller plugin. Make sure that it's the active controller plugin in Chankast's options.

That said, why are you using Chankast in the first place. There should be no good reason for using it considering that it has been long since bested by at least two better emulators, nullDc and Demul


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thanks that solve my problem

to answer your question, I didn't use the other emulaters because I don't like then (to complicated for me)
I also found that I like more to play this game in GameCube because of a few extras in the chao world X3

Thanks again ;)

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Does anyone know of any position of devs about this question?
The developers have long been inactive, and this emulator (and this thread) is ancient.

Try Demul or NullDC.