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chankast and windows 7 x64?


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has anyone out their ever gotten or knows if chankast can work on windows 7 x64?

I have tried to make it work myself but have failed in many attempts to do so.

the main problem, actually the only problem, is that chankast wont read the games that is inserted on the virtual drives. I have tried with daemons tools and alcohol 120% and nothing happens.

I heard that older version of daemon tools work with chankast but the problem is that those older version of daemon tools don't support windows 7 even if you run it under compatibly mode.


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Why would you want to run Chankast with Windows 7 when Demul and nullDC have long since surpassed it? Demul and nullDC don't require Daemon Tools or any other virtual drive software for that matter either.

It's been known for ages what kind of issues Chankast has, so why dwell on them knowing that said emulator hasn't seen any development in the past six years?