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Chamkast Emulator


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I am wanting to play Shenmue on the emulator it says i need to mount the image to a drive and select the drive letter in chamcast which i have done.

They are down as .cdi but when i click play on the dreamcast emulator it is asking me to insert disc

someone also says try burning it as an iso but i dont know how you do it ?

any help thanks


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It's Chankast.

You can try Demul or nullDC (which are more preferable anyway), and can load disc cimages directly. Chankast can't, hence why you either have to burn the image to a CD or use Virtual Drive software so that Chankast sees the disc image as an actual CD.


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Dude, i pre configured Chankast 025 for Windows 7 , it also works on Windows 2000, XP and Vista. Just follow the provided instructions in the file and you will be playing the Dreamcast console on youre PC WITH youre existing Dreamcast controller if youre willing to spend like 25 bucks on a Dreamcast to USB adapter called the Trio Linker Plus II made by EMS, you can find it on ebay.com

Anyhow here is the link to Chankast 025 preconfigured : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MBVBW2OX

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