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.cdi problems


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So I just downloaded chankast after watching videos of dreamcast's and reminiscing about the old days, and I thought to myself "I WANT TO PLAY TIME STALKERS!!!"
So I precedded to download Time Stalkers, a .cdi file. I have virtual sheep clone drive thinking this would be able to mount it, but it can't mount .cdi's. So I looked at the help and downloaded DAEMON tools lite and mounted the .cdi. I then configured the drive and press Run and Start, then a message popped up saying

"can't read dc_bios.bin"

Please help.

Hold on.
I was reading the compatability list and seems Time Stalkers doesn't work anyway...

Hold on again.
Time Splitters is in the working and non-working list...
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Dc_bios.bin is the Dreamcast BIOS. Obviously you need it. You also need Dc_flash.bin.


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Put them in the Data directory (I believe the ReadMe explains this). Then do what you did before.