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Cd scratched???


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Hi i did a quick search about my issue but could not find anything i hope im not posting this wrong here

i love silver so i wanted to emulate it
chankast download--> nice
bios download---> nice
cdi download ---> nice

I got everything installed. I loaded the utopia cdi in deamon tools the opened Chankast after that i loaded the silver cdi in Deamon tools and it started the game in chankast (me at this point -->:D:teehee::D)
Then at the first loading screen it tells me the disc is scratched and can not bee read (me now -->:blink:)

My questions are: Did i do something wrong or is the cdi corrupt? if this is a sign for the cdi problem do you know where i can get a new silver cdi i couldn't find another.

Thanks beforehand


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just read in that it is normal vor silver to crash .... guess i cant play it then sorry for the post


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Why are you using Chankast? It's over seven years old, and has been long since surpassed by better emulators.
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Only thing you can do...

The only other thing you can do is either buy the game again or download it from


since you are the owner of the game.


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