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can't run any game


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i have this problem

and i can't run any game, also Bust a Move (this same error) :/ what's wrong??


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weird... my copy of Soul Calibur 2 (GSRP) doesnt make that error.
the final build shouldnt do that. try changing your setting to Realtime. Exact Fast has caused alot of problem just before the release, but we thought they were all gone

EDIT: whats your video card? Masken says it's a shader problem
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i have geforce4 ti4800se and forceware v77.72 installed, when i uncheck pixel shaders in settings and run emu i have error: 'GP Unemulated TEV Color0! You need better graphics card, one with pixel shaders' so i need better graphics card ;]


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This is indeed an error with Pixel Shaders. It's probably because your graphics card doesn't support PS 2.0. To make sure, please do the following:
  1. Turn on debug logging in Advanced Options.
  2. Restart WhineCube.
  3. Run a game which gives the error.
  4. Send the resulting file "degub.txt" to me via mail or IRC.


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Yep. You need a better graphics card, though you should be able to run at least BAM without pixel shaders. All I can do is simplify the error message.

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raksmey, could you please stop posting unless you have something to actually add to the thread? I have noticed the trend has started again with these pointless posts. Not to be rude or anything, but when I come into a forum to check the new posts, and all they are is comments that do absolutely nothing for anybody, it can be rather upsetting.;)