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Can't get Roms to load right.


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It will open the Rom but it will be so unbelievably slow that I can't do anything. 1fps. I can't even get to the logos, it gets off the Gray screen and on to black but that's it. Pong shows, but the ball moves 1pixel every few minutes.

The rom notes say to run 1-10-1 and in compiler mode, but I can't run it in compiler mode. It brings up and error with "Retry".


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Did you honestly expect full speed from a GameCube emulator? Current computers aren't fast enough to emulate such a complex console as the GC at full speed.

Ads for the other problems, what are your computer specs and have you made sure that the emulator supports the game you are trying to run?


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I wasn't expecting it to go fast. I'm not stupid. It's just going so slow that in an hour the ball in pong just Might finally hit one side. It's not that it's going Slow, it's that the rom just is not going forward whatsoever.

Yes, the rom is supported, I got the rom notes from the emulator file.

Windows XP
AMD Athlon 1.1ghz processor
1024mb ram
Radeon 9700 Pro 128mb


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Dolwin uses an interpreter, and thus even pong is quite slow. Try some of the others... Whinecube runs pong very fast, you can also try Dolphin and now GCEmu.