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Can't finish Zelda: OoT!


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I've gotten to where you have to escape from Ganon's Tower and Zelda is apparently supposed to open the gate that block the path, but it doesn't open and Zelda simply goes through the bars! I've looked at walkthroughs and they say the gate are supposed to open. If anyone know how to get past this please tell me. I have tried with UHLE 1.0.0 and some Zelda specific UHLE as well as UHLE Alpha.. without success.


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That's ann emulation bug. The only way you can finish it, is switching on the infinite time cheat. Then everytime Zelda crosses the bars, get out of the room, enter again and the bars will dissapear. (If you are outside, just jump off and the bars will disapear too)


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Aah! Thanks alot! That did it! :) Now I got to see the ending too! :)
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Is this what 'UltraHLEZelda' fixes?

I've also run into this problem. Is this the endgame fix that's addressed by the 'UltraZelda' variation of the UltraHLE emulator?


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What's the cheat?

Hi, can you tell me the cheat code for UltraHLE 2064 to have infinite time while escaping the tower? How do I load cheats in UltraHLE 2064?

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make a thread than more one year ago ressurect wont make you good,u should have started a new one,it would be better.


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Well, I thought that opening a new thread for the same subject would be double-posting (against the rules?) :p anyway I found the code somewhere else and for anyone interested, here it is: 8011B9A50180