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can not play bin2boot-images


mad dog...
can someone play a bin2boot-image (daemontools) with chankast. i get an io-error indicated (i think, from cd-plugin). i have tested with D2-disc1 and with Silver, all bigger as 700MB, but it works not with bin2boot...

have someone an idee for this problem?


mad dog...
you mean, i must use an older version? i try it... thanks


edit: yes, it works great :) silver

and now D2...
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Just Another Wacko ;)
It's already added:

Q: How do I run CD images?
A: You have to use a virtual CD-ROM drive and mount the CD images to it.
IMPORTANT NOTE: If you experience problems running CD images, try using different programs that create virtual CD-ROM drives (Daemon tools v3.29 is generally recommended).

Read more carefully next time.
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