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Homepage: Jnes
Latest version should be in a thread on this board, 0.6 !
Tutorial! Read this

Jnes resources

How-to give feedback (if you are new to message boards)
Reply to an existing thread on your topic that does not answer your question, or start your own thread to discuss things not listed here, in a pleasant and well thought out manner.

Remember, people will try to help you, relevant information we may need such as ...
  • CPU type and speed (Ex: Intel Pentium II 400mhz)
  • Exact video card type and memory (Ex: ATI Rage Pro 4MB)
  • Operating System (Example: Windows XP)
  • if your rom image is valid, check using RomCenter there are tons of crappy rom images on the internet
  • in jnes what is your video config set to? (2x SaI is slow)
  • are you using the latest version? does an older version work?

A good utility to obtain technical information is Sandra http://www.sisoftware.demon.co.uk/sandra/

You are the patient, we are the doctors.

PS: Here is a zip file with some palettes in it, some people dislike Jnes' default one, well here is about 4 of them, take your pick
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