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[BUG/REQUEST] Option to disallow simultaneous left+right or up+down input.


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Some games go nuts when left+right input (or up+down) is received at the same time. Adventures of Link is one such example. Since it's really easy to do this on a keyboard (e.g. when reversing direction) some of these games are virtually unplayable.

To that end I'd like to see an input configuration option to disallow left+right or up+down at the same time. The most responsive behavior on the emulator's part would probably be to e.g. release left when right is pressed and switch to right, or wait until left is released before pressing right, rather than ignoring right when left is pressed (and the same for the other combos). That was a confusing sentence but point is the conflicting direction shouldn't be dropped completely since the user likely wants it to happen. You get the idea.

FCEUX (another NES emulator) does have this option specifically for this purpose (i.e. there's some merit to my suggestion, or at least precedence :lol:).

Current version: JNES, Windows 7