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Body Harvest... The same problem for YEARS


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Its just me or Body Harvest is unplayable?
Everything seems fine at first, good gfx,sound & stuff but later on
you will notice that it has some serious clipping problems.
For example all buildings have some invisible walls or something that prevent you from reaching doors or stairs... as you have already guess some of those doors lead to crucial points so you cant progress....

Im having this problem since PJ64 1.3 I've used every version available
and many different GFX pluggins, i also tried 1964 with no luck. And its not a bad rom or anything...

Does anybody else having the same problem? Or how to fix it? Thanks in advance, sorry for my bad English if any...


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Try the pj64 cheats forum


Try using the d3d video plugin for pj64 1.4 with version 1.3
This does not fix the invisible stuff but it does fix some of the display in game.
The cheats let you fly over the invisble walls
also the other cheats let you start on other levels.
the press L cheats seem the same but thay are not.
thats if you want to cheat but other wise yes the game is pretty much unplayable without them.
even with the cheats you will still find it a challenge.
I beat this game a long time ago on my n64 .
Its a lot harder it seemed on a emulator .

Edit the game locks up in the last level after you beat the fourth thats pretty much as far as your going. also the graphics are good on pj64 1.5
but the constant pauses will test your nerves all you do to keep going is pause and unpause the game when this happens in 1.5.
hope i cleared up a few things.
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