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Black Screeen of death!


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Hey guys, I'm kind of new to the GameCube emulating... but just so we're clear on this... I own a game cube and most of the games I want to be playing on the computer... Im using this for art purposes :p like taking screenshots of certain parts of the game... and photoshopping them w00t... wait... is that forbiddin? :S if so I will stop my project within a heartbeat... if not.. .thennn, can someone help me? :blush: Ive gotten all the games I need allready... jsut none of them work, like the fps goes up to like 30... it doesnt stop it keeps on going down and back up... buuut anyways, yeah the game wont even load, it just stays there... and when I stop the emulation it says something about "unknown opcode" if anyone knows how this problem can be solved... and tells me, lol it will be VERY much appreciated :D:D:icecream:
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You got that kind of error because the gamecube emulation is FAR FROM PERFECT. so you can,t play the games at the current version, just wait the the next version which look very promising. But remember that the games will not be at playable speed still at few years because the gamecube emulation will need a really powerful computer. Nobody don,t know yet how powerful it needs to be to get playable speeds. Only some 2d games works in the current release,like bust a move.

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