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BigPEmu v1.0.91 has released!

BigPEmu is the first Atari Jaguar and Jaguar CD emulator to offer compatibility with the entire library of commercially sold cartridges and offers excellent performance and a wide variety of unique features.

Note that it was originally a closed source emu which was integrated into the Atari50 compilation . It is without a shadow of a doubt the best Jaguar emulator ahead of Phoenix (which remains the best 3DO emulator), VirtualJaguar, Mame and all the rest.



– AvP multiplayer fixes.
– Fixed some player projectile weapons not colliding with other players.
– Fixed a bunch of AI projectiles not being correctly synchronized.
– Fixed an issue which would sometimes cause AI to stop attacking.
– If a human player teleports into a new level without a weapon, the shotgun is now automatically granted.
– Fixed a bug which could sometimes cause bigpemu_net_behind to misreport.
– New script functions: bigpemu_net_hostmsg, bigpemu_net_disconnect, and bigpemu_net_lastclient.