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BigHead's Emulation Site is Down


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I read his blog post when it was up a month ago, and he mentions in his last post from april 2020 about being at risk for getting covid. I hope he is ok. His sites are down.

Here's a list of site

Bighead's EmuHelp
This is my site's frontpage, where I sometimes post news items as well as link to the sites contents. Although I try to offer general information on all emulation, the main focus is Nintendo64 emulation.

I could not find an archive of his site either at archive.org or archive.is but I did find them in the Google Cache (you can search for Google cached urls with [cache:url]). Unfortunately the Google Cache eventually expires :(

Did anyone happen to mirror his site?

N64 Multiple Game Configuration List
The main attraction, this page is a huge list of N64 games with configurations of which plugin/emulator combo to use for the best experience possible, as well as any known issues with the configuration. It also offers various links to the emulators themselves, as well as any other links I found useful. Most of the games on the list were tested extensively, so try my settings and you most likely can't go wrong. There are still a few games without configurations, and some of the settings and plugins may be outdated. I have a lot of free time available lately, so I hope to update it very soon and keep it updated.

N64 Emulation Tutorial
This tutorial was designed with the intention that someone who knows nothing about computers or N64 emulation, can read it and get started playing N64 on their computer with no hassle. It goes into detail on what ROMs, emulators, and plugins are, and offers useful links to assist getting N64 up and running on your computer. It will show you exactly how to install plugins and all of their required files, set up controls using N-Rages Input plugin, using Controller Paks, and getting Mario to run around on your screen. It is a pretty long tutorial, but is also very informative.

N64 Graphics Plugins Settings
I had this planned for the plugins packs for years, but I never got around to finishing it until recently. This document is a brief explanation of every setting that you find when configuring graphics plugins in the emulator, and the effect it has when playing games.

GoodN64+GoodGUI ROM Checking Tutorial
This is my latest tutorial. I noticed there wasn't a tutorial on the web that was thorough enough to help the emulation noob set up GoodGUI and GoodN64, so I decided to make one. This tutorial will help in setting up GoodGUI to use GoodN64 as well as any of the other GoodTools, and use them to rename your ROMs to identify good dumps from bad dumps. It also goes into a bit of detail on other types of ROMs found such as hacks, translations, overdumps, etc...

Downloads Page
Here you will find a download link for an offline version of my N64 Config List, Iconoclast's great N64 document, an up-to-date N64 Plugins Pack, and even a link to some great icons by starvingartist found on deviantart that you can use for emulator shortcuts. I also have a couple other neat things such, as a batch script to recompress rar and zip into 7z, and a wiimote script to use with GlovePIE that supports the nunchuck and classic controller.

Another thought, I've started using Secure DNS, that might be why it appears to be down.
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Yeah, I checked in portableapps chrome and it was online. Turns out it was the DNS over HTTPS settings in my browser.


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I know this post is a few years old, but I have just come upon it now. Rest assured that I will keep this site up as long as I live. As for why it is hard to find archives of it, it's because I've always chosen free hosts so I don't have to actually pay anything to keep it up. If you wish to view archives of my site, look for these URLs:


Obviously the bottom one is the only one that is still alive. The site has not changed much since 2012, but before that it was drastically different. I always kept a very simple design, one that is far outdated at this point and only shows up correctly on Firefox. Maybe I'll eventually change it again, I touched upon the idea in my latest entry. Anyway, glad to see some people out there still visit!