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Beta team: Thank you


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Thank you for your hard efforts. Overall, 0.9.9 is a triumph.

For 1.0, we just plan to address the more serious issues for 1.0, such as 1964 not working on AMD K6-2 chips, audio reversed or not working with certain sound cards, and so on. If you would like to stay on and help us through the next few months for 1.0 feel free.



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Although I've not been a beta tester myself, I have of course tested 1964 through the beta process, and I'm proud to have provided a very effictive beta testing forum, I think you all agree with how it turned out.

As I told schibo on IRC, I'm willing to donate my AIW 9700 Pro for testing purposes, if the team can't get hold of another Radeon. See it as a donation for the past years we've been a proud host of 1964. :)


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I'm on in...... it's my favourite beta testing work (i test some commercial programs too, but for money/rewards)...
I get in beta testing in december initially only because of my language file, but is very cool to help an nintendo emu since i'm a nintendo fan.....

>I have access to 2 friends K6-2 computers, more 1 K6-2 from my work and more 2 K6-2 cpus from my father's work, if you need...


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I would still love to help as much as I can.

And Martin that is a really great offer. I see here on EMUTalk the same kind of friendships that have formed betweeen myself and my gaming group over the years, it's very cool. :emutalk:

Why does it show you have been "banned" though? hehe, some sort of joke? or did you ask for ROMz? :D


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Ill also be updating and supporting the official ini file, even after the final release :)

OMG! is that Martin i see over there, lol


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Hehe, howdy Duncan, it's been a while. Good to see you. :)

And yes, of course the "Banned" user title is a joke, I enjoy making people wonder. That reminds me of when I changed my username to "Administrator" and my user title to "Martin" :p


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You can count me in too. Now i promess to try to understand you guys (Karth) fastly :).


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Oh, that's good! I will keep my old stuff gfx and snd card rather selling them. Hope to contribute to the sucess of 1964.