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Best settings for Rice Video 6.1.0c


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hey guys i have a radeon 9800xt and i recently upgraded to rices new video, the games run fine, id just like some input on the best settings cuz i get these 3 weird ass lines on my screen, and some textures seem to be missing, any input maybe from rice himself? would be greatly apperciated thx (jabos new gfx runs great but id like to use rice's due to the fact of the sweet ass hi res textures i get) my system can handle the max settings


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It would be much better if we had a screenshot. Some general info, first, make sure you are using recent drivers. For a Radeon, I'd probably suggest using DirectX and then fiddling with the following settings:

Combiner types:
-To Fit your video card: Should work best most of the time.
-High end combiner: Should work better with high end cards - worth a go.
-Pixel Shader/Semi Pixel Shader: Try these as well, may give better results.

Other options:

-Force Software Transform & Lighting
-Using Software Vertex Clipper

I check both of these, your FX-51 can handle this very easily and it may fix errors with high-end cards.

Leave all the other options at default.

Set the resolution to a 4:3 ratio since you will see less scaling artifacts ie. 1280:960 or 1600x1200.


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ya i did all that i just tested them with master quest instead of normal oot, and it works great, may just be a conflict, but i checked and its a good rom so i dunno thx for your input though