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Before you start a thread here please read. (Noobs)


Right so .. you might think some people are rude, that they get impatient or upset when asked questions. Well the problem in truth, is the other way around, bad questions frustrate people, in fact they are down right extremely anoying, almost to the point of insulting. Please think very carefully before posting a question. Why? A moderator may have to move your post, put it in a specific thread it belongs in, or ask you what you are really asking if you don't. Put some real work into your question and people will do there best to answer.

To help with such problems people have who are inexperienced and new to programming and such potentially highly technical questions, in general it is recomended (I would say almost mandatory) you read the following link. It does a good job of explaining why people might respond in a way that seems unfriendly, and gives good advice to people who need an answer on how to ask the right question.

How to Ask Questions The Smart Way
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