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Before posting a thread on the Nemu64 forum

If it doesn't work at all, make sure
a) you have directx8/8.1 (in windows xp this is automatically installed)
b) use a 800MHz+ CPU - AMD Athlon XP offers the best price/speed ratio (Highly reccomended)
c) use a recent graphics card. there are many that do work and many that don't. Old voodoo cards are not supported.
d) use recent drivers. Avoid using the "Default Video Card" drivers of Windows 98. Windows XP has new drivers but not much fast.

If you have trouble with game gfx try the following before posting it here:
a) Select/Deselect New Combine
b) If you think gfx get cut off then disable TVoutput

Always have the latest ini (Emumaniac's) and see if the game's comment is "playable".

Please don't post:
*Asking about the compatibility of a game. Just edit nemu64.ini
*About when Nemu 0.9 is going to be released. Most probably there aren't going to be any updated versions of the emulator.
*Asking to be a beta tester.
*That Nemu runs slow on your pc. Requirements are in the readme file included with the zip.
*Saying that a game doesn't work on nemu64.
*Saying that you get an error. Disable all "Show .... Error" in the options menu. If the error persists then post it.
*In other languages than English and German except if addressing to someone speciffically AND it isn't the main body of the post. I personally am very annoyed by this, and i believe everyone gets annoyed, especially if they don't know that specific language

Although this board has its own rules keep in mind there are still Emutalk's rules to follow. Eg Rom requesting/sharing/trading is illegal.
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