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Background is slid upwards sometimes


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(in accordance with /threads/6205-Bugtracker-known-issues-and-feature-requests-read-before-posting!)
* CPU type and speed - Pentium 4 2.6GHz w/hyperthreading
* Exact video card type and memory - SiS M661FX (built-in), 64MB
* Operating System - XP SP3 x86
* if your rom image is valid, check using RomCenter - yes; rom name "Rockin' Kats (U) [!]", crc 8927fd4c
* in jnes what is your video config set to? - 512x448, default; full .ini is attached
* are you using the latest version? does an older version work? reproducible in v1.1 and v1.0.2


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what is your win xp display set to? (desktop/right click/properties/display)

if 512x448 is false set jnes full-screen to whatever xp says you have for a desktop, I.E 512x512 1024x768 and so on...


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yes that looks dreadful, can you post a save state of the issue? would help potentially address it in a future release.