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I'll be uploading the source to MPxViewer to googlecode within the next day or so :)

So anyone will be able to use it.


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ok ive been trying to get this to work but im having NO success at all, im trying to make a CMDL to OBJ converter, now whatever ive tried all i get is a spikey vertex mess and im in desperate need of help, if anyone gets this please assist me....
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Hi everyone. I have this problem - I would like to play PAL version of GC Metroid Prime in glorious 480p, but I cannot find out how. Why PAL version? Because of the new features, like reworked animations, harder difficulty or minor changes in HUD. As I understand, JAP version has many of these features too and it runs in 480p, but is in Japanese.
I succesfully hacked .dol file to enable English in JAP version of Metroid Prime, but the text is too big and is overlapping the text area. Is there any way to make it smaller (like in PAL version)?

When checking .dol file, I found these strings:


Are they related to the text size? Or is it possible to hack PAL .dol file to enable progressive scan? I figured that it would be possible to swap some code from PAL version to JAP version or vice versa. Has anybody here experience with this kind of stuff? Thanks.


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I decided to take another peek at the PAK files, and discovered something very important, namely this:
That certainly explains the file collisions we were getting, with this finding, it's theoretically possible to recreate the paks and have them work without crashing the game, still needs more research.


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Been hacking away, and minimaps are the latest thing I've been messing with: