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Aristotle's Mudlord & Rice Video

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trying to get oot texture pack more complete

with ricevideo plugin 6.1.4 it load play fine, but not loading all texture, with aristotle 6.1.9 its suposed to load every single texture but any game that loads texture make the emulator crash, project 64 1.6 or 1.7 no difference any issue to this ????


but im loading every file emulator everything from my C: hard drive what the

i also get this error before in first place only for oot mq before the D: exception caught error

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Mmm. I have the same problem, and I am on x64 (windows 7).

Hmm, wonder if there's an issue with 64-bit then. Is anyone able to confirm or deny this possibility?

I've tried the plugin with both Project64 and 1964, but to no avail. As stated in my (pretty old...) post, Mudlord's Rice Video and Rice's Rice Video both work as one would expect, but this one crashes.

I would really like some assistance here, as the Ocarina of Time retexturing project has made leaps and bounds of progress since I first read about it. They're getting to the point that 2-dimensional areas are going to finally be updated, but from the sounds of things, you will need to be using the latest version of this plugin for it to work.

To recap my specs in case you don't feel like going back and reading, they are:

Intel Core i7 920 @3.4 GHz
12 GB DDR3-1333 RAM (upgraded since last post)
GeForce 9600 GT
Windows Vista Home Premium x64


The problem, you are facing is a bug that comes into affect at Vista & Windows7. It's an undefined variable in the C-code of BMGLIB. I've already provided a fix somewhere in this thread.

But don't worry about that. I'm about to add my changes to the code-repository, death--droid has created at Google-Code. When finished, I'll provide an updated version that should fix your issue besides other things.


Have you uploaded the new version with the Zelda background fix yet?

no, but now: 1964Video 6.3.0 r30

The name has changed, which - I have to admit - I think is a great idea as it might become endless
by the time if every author is added to the plugin name.

The following changes have been applied:

  • CRC-fix avoids slowdown in Castlevania, Smash Brothers and probably other games, when hires is enabled
  • Support for static hires backgrounds as used in Zelda
  • Experimental texture caching. This has still improvement potential but might nevertheless become quite usefull
    with large hires textures
  • Hires-textures will not be rechecked and (in case of enabled cache) reloaded if a savestate is loaded or if you
    switch between fulscreen & window mode. This avoids nasty wait time
  • Fix to avoid crashing under Vista and Windows7
  • Some smaller things, I forgot
  • Death-Druid has added some additional things before (he might provide details)

Death-Druid has also created a source code repository at google-code, where the source code can be found.

Interested developers are strongly invited to join. Every simple bugfix brings it a step closer to perfection ;)

Have fun,

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Awesome! Praises for the hirez background loading!


No more wasted time unnecessarily reloading textures? Incredible.

CHoose a different file host though >.<


Microdev when are you going to upload the source code changes.

I've sent you a PM. I tried to do so but I need a hand as subcommander does not provide me any option for synchronizing (or I don't find it...)

Can Visual Studio express directly connect to subversion repositories?


Wow! No reloading when loading a save state? That's awesome, what a surprise. Thanks!
BTW, if you reload a save state, it won't load any new changes that you make. I had to exit out of the emu, and restart it to look at my new textures.
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BTW, if you reload a save state, it won't load any new changes that you make. I had to exit out of the emu, and restart it to look at my new textures.

That's true - that is the tradeoff. It now keeps the references and also the textures (if caching is enabled) in memory. Thus they are not reloaded from file system.

A way out of this situation would either be another switch in the config or better to add support for a subfolder of which all contained textures would be reloaded automatically.

I think, I'll add support for such a WIP folder. This way you'll get the best of both worlds.
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