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Are the creators of NNNesterJ still around???


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Just curious.... always loved NNNesterJ (version 0.23), been using it since I came across it back around 2004. Love its features, love its compatibility with just about every game, but ever since I read about Scherzo's port of Nester for the Dreamcast (NesterDC SE) that made use of NotSoFatso for the sound output and since coming across Jnes as well, I have been a bit jealous of the stereo feature. Yes, I know that the original NES didn't have stereo, but listening to .NSF files in NotSoFatso within Winamp (after lots of adjustment of the sliders) makes the music sound absolutely fantastic, then I am missing that whenever I go back to the monaural sound in NNNesterJ. Jabo has his Jnes project that he is still actively working on and updating, but he does not sound too enthused about adding any kind of individual volume sliders and panning sliders into his emulator... (it has a stereo function, but the pans are all very hard left and hard right with no volume sliders, not even a Master Volume slider causing it to be rather loud compared to the rest of the emulators I use... u.u). I love NNNesterJ and the fact it has individual volume sliders is great, though I do find myself wishing that it had stereo like Jnes and that there were optional sliders for the left and right panning of the sounds.

If anyone around here happens to know / have contact with the folks who worked on NNNesterJ or the elusive Scherzo person who put out the version of Nester for Dreamcast that had the NotSoFatso plugin, I would appreciate your showing them this post.
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