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AR codes slow down my gamezzzz!


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I'm running RE remake on dolphin and when I
activate AR's cheats the game runs very slooooowww
as when cheats are off the games runs smooth.
Any ideas of how to repair this bug?


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First idea would be to write like an adult. ;)
Next stop: which version of Dolphin are you using, which cheats and tell us about your rig.


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Very ADULT and PROFESSIONAL welcome ;)
Still don't get what is your problem but
I won't go down do your level in this matter.

dolhpin: r7128 64-bit
core2duo 1,86Ghz
2GB ram ddr2
asus geforce 9600gt 1GBddr3
Asus motherboard (p5 series)
Win 7 pro 64-bit
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Sorry, if it sounded harsher, than it should, but the gamezzzzz and the sloooowww... never mind. ;)
It looks like you have the latest release of dolphin, 64bit aswell.
What for a cheat are you using? Normally a cheat won't slow down your games at all.
The only problem could be, that the cheat is spawning a lot objects, but I can't imagine such a cheatcode in RE.


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Well the cheats are workin' in the saveroom (just happend to be there)
but while leaving the game crushes..

Unlimited Ammo - All Guns
00B26B91 18000000
0222A2AA 0000FFFF

Infinite Health
00B207C3 18000000
0222A29E 00000578

no m code


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Are they for the correct game version? Sometimes it happens to load the US codes for the EUR version or vice versa. Could probably crash your game.


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i know this is an old thread but it seems like this guy's getting a bit of the cold shoulder thanks to a healthy dose of skepticism. i am using the newest version of dolphin for the newest mac os and im running it on an old intel core 2 duo running at around 3.2 ghz or so with 4 megs of ram. most games run at 100% with no settings tweaking with the exception of baldur's gate but one thing that all games have in common for dolphin is that for each code you enter and keep enabled, it slows down the game more and more. it doesnt matter what game. this obviously isnt an isolated incident in my case since i got confirmation from mr marcin2x4 here that its otherwise. also, no comments on the lack of punctuation or capitalization. dont like it, dont read it, dont respond. its your choice. thanks in advance to anyone who has answers.