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Aprentice's dating questions


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<Aprentice> i need you guys help, im going out with a chick but I can't think of ideas where to go :p
<Vile324> I'm expecting someone to say something obvious for a joke, like "the mall."
<Vile324> XP
<Aprentice> lol
<Aprentice> we're definately playing pool today but that takes up like 1 hour only, i wanna be out till late :p
<Vile324> ... DDR? XP
<brice> how much cash you got?
<Vile324> "$10" "What the hell?" XP
<Aprentice> brice: enough i guess, what do you have in mind?
<Aprentice> Vile324: you suck, im guessing you never even went out with a girl once :p
<Vile324> Well, depends how long you want to be out. "Late" doesn't help. :p
<Aprentice> well, last time we went i brought her home like 2:30am :p
<Martin64> she got a good portion of ren, eh? :p
<Aprentice> Martin64: what do you mean? :p
<Martin64> i haven't a clue
<Sucide> haha
<Aprentice> sheesh, noone of you guys know :p
<Vile324> But you were generally correct, I have not.
<Martin64> dating sucks
* Vile324 waits for something to be thrown back
<Martin64> i usually take them to bed directly :p
<Vile324> Skip the date. XP
<Aprentice> pfft :p
<Aprentice> im not looking for a quick fuck
<Martin64> bah
<Martin64> fag :p
<brice> money question was about knowing if you could afford a motel or something nicer
<Vile324> "<Aprentice> Think she'd do it?"
<Aprentice> Martin64: im not the one bringing guys home :p
<Martin64> lol
<Martin64> what can i say
<Martin64> i look for a quick fuck
<Aprentice> lol
<Martin64> :p
<Aprentice> im so low on ideas, i told her last time to think of places we can go lol
<Martin64> bowling perhaps?
<Aprentice> i could, but bowling and pool in one day could be road kill
<Vile324> I'd say the theatre, but by now you'd have already considered it.
<Martin64> ah didn't know that
<Vile324> XP

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But yeah, the suggestion of bowling is a good one. Just be sure to let her win a few and maybe "help her with her technique" ;)


if you're lucky the bowling alley will have pool too :p i know mine does.. air hockey and plenty of arcades too.