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Apollo SS Thread (formerly known as 'Banjo-Tooie')


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FireBone said:
i still can't wait ;) do you think you release a beta or only the final?

Beta of course silly :) I expect one to be out "soon". Prolly when my dynarec does more then N64 Stars demo ;-)


Hey Azimer, did you share any of your progress of Banjo Tooie with anyone? Will your work on the game show up on another version of pj64 since you got it to work on it or will it only be exclusively for Apollo?


Well what can I say?
Hey Az long time no see ;)

Can't wait for the day we can say on the PJ forum 'If you want to play Banjo Tooie use Apolo!"


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hm...sorry for my bad english, but i only want to know (...i don't know the words) argh....sorry for all....


Joe Silvera
I can tell You that the next version OF apollo WIll ROXXXXXX !!

I talked with Azimer , I cannot paste the chat there , I don't have his permission but the news features seems amazing

AZIMER works great for Us !

A big thx