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ANY games playable?


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Well i have got the right bios and ive set up the plugins correctly. HOWEVER NONE of my games work. I am using PAL REAL games and ive tried the following games; Shenmue I and II, Sonic Adventurer and Chu-Chu rocket. And NONE of them work. Am i doing something wrong or are they not working because its just been released?


16-bit Corpse | Moderator
If you are using original discs, forget it. Normal DVD-ROM drives can't read Dreamcast's GD-ROM disc without modifications (firmware updates or otherwise).


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If you can get to the DC set up okay then your images aren't self booting, there are utilities around to extract the good stuff and create a bootable image.

If you're not seeing the setup when you aren't trying to load an image, then you've got a duff rom set.

If however, you're trying to load an original disk, don't bother - it won't work.