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Another GC High Level Emulator in the works...


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huh...it's surely not hle, it runs pong....
or if it is, it's pretty much useless as the pong functions should only be used in pong and gfx is very basic

I'm not criticizing the emu itself but i'm only saying that HLE should probably not be used when talking about it :p


Emulator is not HLE,he just got it wrong :)
Author of this emulator worked on HLE PS1 emulator HLPSE (HLE for bios calls at least), GC one is interpretive.


Ninphin Author

There is also a newer version than these on NGEmu.
And the source code has been Released aswell, but I
don't think Or9/Org is still working on since he is
working on another GC emu with some other people. :)

Edit: Just saw him today, he is still working on it. :)
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