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All Chankast tools!!!


mad dog...

;Resident Evil - Code Veronica
Infinite Health 01241880 000000A0
Infinite Ammo 010FF1E8 00000009
Save Counter Always 01215F5C 00000000
Low Timer 0221677C 00000000
Unlock Everything 01215EE0 0000FFFF


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No progress on the tools since the release of the 0.25 version... is that a good or a bad signe?


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Windmaster said:
Is there any way to get the SnapIt to run with the .25 version?
No you have to wait for the next chankast utilities version that support 0.25.


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Chankast bin loader v1.0 by SWAT

Chankast bin loader v1.0 lays in Chankast Pack v1.7
Link removed by DuDe - illegal material, don't post stuff like that again.
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P.S:The utility you downloaded are for chankast 0.2a,you must download the new file. :party:


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2.1 kb a second on a high-speed connection, that's slower then what I get on dialup. I don't know what's going on!

Edit: It took me 30 minutes just to download it and then it says there is an error and I'm screwed! :(
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what kind of error have you found? I downloaded the file again and there are no problems,download is fast and ihave found no errors. I think you have some connection problem. :bye3: :bye3:


hehe dont use download axaletors other browsers than internet explorer if you are not an expert the file will download ok :p
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Just allowed the link to the Chankast utilities. The owner of 1emulation.com has made some positive steps recently to remove all illegal/dubious content off the site and off the forums. As such links to the main site, and all sites hosted thereon is now allowed.
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