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N64 Artist

Post to let us know you care...

If you do not post you are saying you don't give a shit...

How dead is this forum?

Let's get a head count of who remains...

;) ,
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Hi. I rarely post but I do a lot of reading here so... I guess I'm pretty active :/ I'm definately here though.


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And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Gitech, that all the board should be taxed. And all went to be taxed, everyone in his own post...

Some might call it the ultimate spam thread, but I'm still here!


Just a Jupi.
I check up at least once per day. I could probably stand to share my projects, but I'd rather not tease with WIPs of false hopes.


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I check here daily. Admittedly I haven't produced a single texture in my whole wretched life but I'm kinda the moral support. If you get a cheerleading squad I'm your man!!


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i'm new here.

i used to retexture Halo PC, but i'm very interested in doing N64 games now.
i'll probably post more often on n64redux once it's up and running


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i am here to butt i have one qeustion can some one link me a a full texture pack from donkey kong 64 i want to retexture them butt i cant get the full textures i only get the barrels and some other texture so if some one willing to help me then i am happy :)