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AICA emulation


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ElSemi said:
New chankast version will include a new AICA emulation by me, based on my Model2 SCSP code (AICA is very close to SCSP, just with more channels and ADPCM).
It seems faster, and also supports more features than older aica core (Envelopes, LFO...) but doesn't support DSP yet.

I don't know if Neil contacted with any of the members about his sound core. It seems that chankast will not have aica plugins for now.
Also I've noticed that Neil's aica winamp plugin eats around 50% of my 2600+ CPU.

well maybe seeing as this was never done its time to let neil crack on and fix the sound bugs using a plugin, neil seemed very willing to help, why dont the chankast team support outside developers plugins and projects if they dont want to work on chankast themselves anymore?


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doenst look like the people with the knowledge still read this board, which is a shame because to me the sound(and some crashes) is the only real problem with chankast

with this fixed shemue 1&2 would be playable to me.

my DC has broke now so it looks like i'll have to buy one off ebay,its a shame because chankast is so close but not quite.