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adjusting cpu for the chankast


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is there a way to change the cpu on the chankast itself to possibly slow it down..???

i have a cdi i want to play and the only version that this game does NOT crash on is the chankast alpha 0.2a but it dosen't allow me to make it full screen so i can put a v sync so i can make the FPS a little more enjoyable and not seeming like its on constant fast forward. well after hours and hours of countless boards and no results i decided to ask if there is a way i can just slow the entire emulator down so instead of it running at 100% maybe i can do 50%

normally i would just use a different emulator but for some odd reason this is the only version this game works flawlessly. (even says so on this site, its where i got the idea to try a different emulator)

by the way if you are interested the game is called cannon spike


"Cannon Spike: Works, near perfect in game, some errors in textures/menus, seems to crash after level 2 for me. Use chankast 0.2a for this"